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Service to start your own online store

There are many platforms that you can build your online store with and as you see on this trend on gooogle trends searches for the Shopify platform has been going up for many years (also see Shopify's stock price).

Shopify integrates easily with other apps like the ones below. It works great, looks great and makes the process fun and rewarding.

Shopify has a two week free trial, but if you might want more than two weeks to build your store before needing to sign up and pay the normal $29 per month, then contact us to create a development store for you that you can work on for as long as you want with no monthly fees until you are ready to open your store.

When you are done and decide to open it will work the same and costs the same $29/month as any basic Shopify store. This is a very good price for a platform that works smoothly, that people are familiar with and can trust. 


E-mail list service

One of the first things to do to grow an online income or social media is to also offer people to subscribe to your e-mail list and then offering some value or entertainment to your subscribers. To do this you want a company that allows you to create free e-mail lists with professional features that you can both use on it's own and also easily integrate with for example your future Shopify store. Mailchimp is a great free service that I use for that and this link gives you a $30 gift coupon that you can use if you want to upgrade your service in the future.


Print on demand service

Would you like to offer your own clothes to people on your e-mail list? Design your clothes and have them printed and shipped as you sell them, for example in your own Shopify store.
There are several providers of this service and in most reviews this is the best and most reliable one. Look around on their site here or sign up here.


Let someone else do the work that you don't feel like doing or learning

There are many sites with good people who do the work for you for a few dollars and this is one of the best and most reliable pioneer sites in the business. Get cheap help with anything from marketing, design, opening your shopify store, influencer campaigns and more. This allows you to focus more on your passion and what you are best at and if you want to, you can even sell your services on the site.

When you are a member of this site you can also sign up here which then will allow you to get paid as you show other people this useful site. You get paid for helping others basically.


Service for international payments with currency conversions

International payments with ordinary banks have some unnecessarily high fees involved and converting between currencies is very expensive on Paypal, so this is where Transferwise is great to use, with fees that are about as close to free as it gets. They also offer a new service where you can open a foreign bank account with them which comes in handy sometimes. Just as with Shopify, Transferwise has been growing noticably on google trends in the last years.


Courses to learn more about Shopify and fb ads:

Kevin David started one of the most profitable Shopify stores in the world for a period of time and posts a lot of great tutorials for free on his YouTube. The courses here below are for those who want to take it one step further and invest more in their craft.
Shopify course
Facebook ads course
Amazon FBA Course (Fulfillment by Amazon)
I met Kevin's business partner Jeffery at a Las Vegas event. Listen to Jeff's story here on my YouTubeThe courses above have great testimonials but I have personally not taken time for them yet, I spent many hours learning from the free tutorials though, and I recommend them warmly to beginners.


Video editor online. No more problems with lack of computer memory

Editing and rendering videos on your computer can be a real hassle. Computer being busy for hours. Sometimes locking or crashing. Things going slow. This online video editor solves that and many other things.
Online video editor with great edit templates and free plan option