Equality & Empowerment to Create Income & Help Others

One of our most important missions with Good Shop is to develop a highly effective blueprint to create a growing, recurring income with no start investment needed.

A step by step  guide for anyone who is willing to work, to go from no income and no savings at all, to a comfortable life.   


Our concepts facilitate for anyone who does not give up, to create an income for herself or himself, while part of their growing income will help others. 

We want everyone from people living in poverty and homelessness around the world - to students, aspiring artists, aspiring creators and entrepreneurs - to all have a great opportunity to create freedom and achieve their dreams. 

It is important for us to increase world equality, our blueprint needs to help someone regardless of a persons sex, race, finances, education, health, physics, age, geographic location and religion and we have the concepts to achieve most of this.


The major thing we need in order to be able to help more is a larger customer base, a larger product base, people sharing Good Shop, press and publicity sharing us and more people to to help themselves without giving up on themselves.  

Of course our long term goal is to have the customer base, sales, finances and employees needed to help even those who don't have any persistence from hope themselves. 

If you want to help us reach this goal, while also helping yourself if wanted, then contact us below. 

If you yourself want help, also contact us below. 


We strive to help and inspire people from all walks of life to go from nothing to create their own social enterprise, brand, store or other business that does good for others and themselves. 

A social enterprise can be explained as an organization that applies commercial strategies to create well-being for others, while in some cases also creating good profits for co-owners. For a longer explanation see social enterprise on Wikipedia. 


For one of our step by step opportunities to start building an income while parts of profits help others, you can read about this Partnership.

This concept can be integrated and combined with many of our other concepts.