Shipping Policy

Updated:  July 22, 2020


Free Shipping on All International Orders over US $50
All orders worth US $50 or more, to any country ship free to the countries that we ship to, including the USA, Canada, Great Britain, Australia, Sweden and most of the European Union, Norway and hundreds of other countries. 

For US orders with order value under $50 shipping is $2,99. 

For International orders with order value under $50 shipping is $4,99. 


Estimated Shipping and Handling Time In the US, Europe and Worldwide
As soon as you order a product from us you will receive a confirmation receipt.

Currently in Europe please allow anywhere from 2-7 business days before we can ship your product.

In the US please allow anywhere from 2-17 business days before we can ship, even though more and more orders currently ship within 2-7 days.

When we ship your product we send you a new e-mail with a tracking number to keep track of your package. 

Your support always means a lot to us, especially now in these times this time. Take care of yourselves.

Countries that we do not currently ship to
We do not currently ship to these countries. This list is subject to change as regulations and policies for countries and carriers change because of Covid-19 so if your country is on the list, chances are that we will start shipping to you in the future again. 


Do you have a question? 

Welcome to e-mail us here.