Partnership Steps to your own income, products, brand and store

Good Shop Partner Start Level

The first step to try out a partnership with Good Shop is simple.

Just E-mail us here and ask for your personal discount link to the store.

We will create a store discount link for you and also send you the information you need.

When someone uses your link to buy something they will get a discount and we will see that you are the one who will get commission for that sale. 10%-35% of the profits or more will always go to empowerment and charities.

You also get a discount code, not just a link, in case you prefer to offer people to add a certain discount code at checkout themselves.

From time to time we will arrange contests where people can win products from the store and we can then send you an e-mail so you can share the contest with your own discount link.

This is better than asking people to buy, since it offers people a chance to win something for free.

We can also give other suggestions of how to market your link for free without spamming.

Please note: It is not allowed to engage in any spam like behavior with your link or any posts that may be seen as spam and if you do so we may have no choice but to suspend our partnership with you, but as long as you follow our suggestions and guide lines you are very welcome as a partner and family member!

Also note that all the partnership steps are subject to change. As they change we will update these pages.

Currently, the first sale with your discount code lets you level up the partnership.

Check next step for more info.

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