Partnership Steps to your own income, products, brand and store

Good Shop Partner Level Up 1

Your first Good Shop Partnership Level Up happens after your first sale.

The sale can happen in one of these ways:

Someone else like a friend, follower or family member or someone else that finds your link through a google search or hash tag, can buy a product with your link or code.

You can buy a product yourself that you like, which you can also wear to casually recommend and promote your discount in the store when someone asks about the product you are wearing or using.

Of course you could buy a product to use as a price in a contest among your friends, viewers or followers. If you want to do this we recommend that you contact us before you buy a product and we can offer you some good strategies and maybe a higher discount too.

When your first sale has happened we know that you are more serious than many others, so we now offer you this as a reward:

You can send us links of up to 20 of your favorite products in the store, in the order you like them most, and we will gather these products in a special collection made just for you, with the products you like most shown at the top. You get to name the collection.

Then we create a discount link for you that leads straight to this collection so that you now can market your favorite products from the store.

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